Company Directors:

Dr. Judith Samaranayake

Executive Director/ Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Judith Samaranayake is the pioneer in Bitumen Research in Sri Lanka. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Moratuwa and joined Research and Development unit of Sri Lanka’s Road Development Authority (RDA). Later, Dr. Judith went on to obtain her Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of Bitumen Modification; after which she was appointed as Director of Research at the RDA. During her tenure, the R&D division made numerous breakthroughs in asphalt modification, production and even laying. She also supervised the design and laying of Sri Lanka’s first plastic road in Ratmalana in 2018.

After serving for 35 years, Dr. Judith brought her expertise to AGC Innovate, where the concept of Plastic Modified Asphalt Concrete was perfected and implemented through the national level. Under her leadership, the National Specification was also submitted to the Construction Industry Development Authority. Needless to say, Dr. Judith has played a crucial role in the bitumen technology and sustainable technology in Sri Lanka.

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